Manufacturer of Interior and exterior signs

This business was started by the current owner's father.  It was a much smnaller company in 1997 with sales of $300,000 when the son became involved.  He decided to grow the company and pursued his electrical specialty license.  A buyer can work off this license for a period of time while there are two employees capable of also getting this license if requested.  Most of the company's sales are local, however they also do jobs much further away for many industries.  This company may appeal to an individual buyer seeking to buy a a business for themselves, but a larger sign company looking for more market share in a new market is a more likely candidate.  The owner is willing to provide a reasonable training and transition period as a buyer may feel necessary.  For further information on this business, please contact Bill Law at 904-819-6930 or

Manufacturing - Printing & Printed Products

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Bill Law
Sunbelt Jacksonville - St. Augustine
Jacksonville - St. Augustine, Florida