Health Spa

This Health Spa was only opened two months ago, but the owner, who owns other businesses as well, has now had a change of heart and decided to retire. She spent 80,000,000 baht to open up in large premises, measuring 320 square metres, in a well known Bangkok shopping mall. The result is stunning, and the spa is equipped with the latest equipment. A long lease of 25 years has been secured with the mall management, and the rent has already been paid upfront. The asking price therefore reflects the fact that there will be no rent to pay in this large prestigious location for the life of the long lease. As the operation is so new, it is difficult for the owner to estimate financial results, but she states that receipts of around 1,000,000 baht were earned in the last month alone. This is one of the city's most prestigious locations, and securing space here is very difficult; the new owner will be secure in the knowledge that their investment has secured them a secure base of operations for years to come. A fully trained workforce of 12 employees is in place, and they are paid a total salary of 250,000 baht per month.


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11 to 25

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Sunbelt Bangkok