eCommerce Retail

***We are pleased to announce that this business has been SOLD! *** This 14 year old company sells home décor, and garden accessories online through two websites as well as other venues such as Amazon, Etsy, Houzz, Pinterest, etc. This business could easily expand its products into additional Marketplaces; Jet, Walmart, etc. thereby expanding sales and offerings. While the company has sold internationally, the bulk of their sales are within the 48 contiguous states. Over 80% of the products sold are proprietary and unique to the site including some European designed items which have no American competition. Having more than two dozen suppliers ensures a continuous supply of new and diversified products. The Company relies solely on contractors and suppliers for its sales and spends limited funds on advertising. However, advertising on channels such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft could add another dimension to the Company’s sales. Additionally, a new owner could either utilize in-house or out-source Affiliate Marketing to further grow sales.