Profitable Cultural Resource Management Consulting Firm, in the Mid-Atlantic Region

This consulting firm offers a full range of cultural resource management and historic preservation professional services to public and private clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. The firm has established a reputation with clients and government agencies for high-quality, effective and efficient work, much of which is performed within the demanding context of environmental and land use regulation. The company has been in existence since 1986 and is strategically located on the Washington-Boston corridor with excellent transportation connections. Services Offered: The firm provides archaeological, historic architectural and historical investigative services to federal, state, county and municipal agencies; engineers, architects and landscape architects; developers and corporate interests; and private and non-profit institutions, such as museums, libraries and historical societies. Typical services include: archaeological surveys, monitoring and excavations; architectural surveys, assessments and documentation; historical and genealogical research; preparation of preservation plans and National Register nominations; and the design of museum exhibits and historic interpretive signage. The company specializes in urban and historical archaeology; the study of historic bridges and canals; and providing historical, archaeological and historic architectural expertise for building and landscape restoration projects. Clients: The firm maintains a strong and varied client base, contracting with, amongst others: the National Park Service, the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the General Services Administration; state departments of transportation and environmental protection; county and city parks departments; prominent national and regional architectural and engineering firms; and a number of the region’s best-known historic sites and institutions. Over the years, the firm has developed productive, professional working relationships with regulatory agencies and reviewers to ensure prompt issuance of necessary approvals and permits. Staff: The firm employs several full-time, professionally qualified staff with graduate degrees in the fields of history, archaeology, anthropology, geography and museum studies. Senior staff meet National Park Service professional qualifications standards in the disciplines of history, archaeology and architectural history. The company also has on staff: a commercially licensed drone operator; personnel currently certified with 40-hour and supervisory OSHA safety training; and personnel trained in National Park Service ICMS and ASMIS procedures. Most senior staff have been with the firm for a decade or more and overall there is low employee turnover throughout the company ranks. Equipment: The firm owns and maintains a full range of archaeological excavation equipment, up-to-date survey, photographic and photogrammetric equipment and software, GPS instruments, metal detectors, a drone, current ArcGIS software, report production and printing facilities, LAN and three commercial vehicles. What sets this business apart from others is its exceptional professional reputation and its multi-faceted offering of diverse cultural resource management and historic preservation services. A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this firm’s strong foundation of broad experience and knowledge. The ideal buyer will be a larger consulting group/competitor whose five-year-plan includes augmenting its current business and expanding its operational territory into a new region.