E-Commerce Automotive Specialty Parts Supplier

This e-commerce automotive specialty parts supplier is an unique offering since the business is relocatable can be home based and successfully run by an owner/operator. A new owner can lease an optional performance shop that is in Northeast Indiana. The shop can be run by one or two people and is a nice addition to the e-commerce business. This e-commerce business for sale provides specialty automotive products to clients in the high performance auto industry. It is recognized for its excellent pricing, superior knowledge, and outstanding customer and tech service. It has a repeat base of customers that spans the globe. The e-commerce automotive supplier has access to thousands of products through wholesalers. It buys products at distributor prices and sells them at retail cost. Customers pay upfront for their items and are willing to wait for them. The items are drop shipped from the manufacturer or wholesaler warehouse. No inventory is carried, freeing up the business’ cash. The Seller’s profit margins are 10% to 100%+. A new owner receives the business, dealer accounts, the website, the eBay account, a PayPal account, online credit card terminal, etc. Included in the sale of the business is access to thousands of automotive products at wholesale pricing. These items can be ordered online 24/7 via one website with drop ship capability. The optional business is currently being leased out of a 2,000 square foot facility at $800 per month. The business is poised for growth. A new owner could take the following steps to substantially grow it: * Increase sales through proper management * Add employees * Add more products * Add more services Additionally, the Seller believes that leasing an office creates an excellent environment for success. A new owner gets an easy to run business with excellent growth potential.